Who We Are

Holland Children's Movement and Holland Children's Institute were founded by Omaha legend Richard D. Holland. The two organizations are rooted in his vision of a world where every child has every opportunity to reach their full potential. Read more about our champion

Every day our goal is to aspire to Dick's vision. 

The Institute

"The Holland Children's Institute seeks to reduce the number of Nebraska families living in poverty and to make Nebraska the best place in the country to raise children by identifying the most effective practices in education, health care and economic development."

At the Institute, we focus on research, publication and education. 

Our goal is to inform the conversation in Nebraska by providing data, innovative ideas, and facilitation. We believe the best public policy environment for children and families is one that appreciates the data and considers innovation. Through disseminating the latest research and collaborating with issue leaders, HCI is committed to making Nebraska a beacon for the country. 

The annual Holland Children's Institute Ideas Summit serves as a forum to provide a singular focus and attention to one issue critical to impacting working families and their children. Learn more about HCI.

The Movement

"The Holland Children's Movement is committed to improving pubic policies essential to providing opportunities for success for children and families living in poverty."

At the Movement, we achieve victories for Nebraska's children and families. 

Our goal is to organize and motivate Nebraskans to take action. We believe Nebraska children and families should have the best opportunities for success and we work to make that a reality. Because of the work of HCM:

  • Nebraskans had the opportunity to vote to raise the minimum wage; 
  • Children will realize a higher quality early childhood education system; and 
  • The early childhood workforce will be rewarded for advancing their skill.

Both the Institute and the Movement work to tackle the root causes of poverty and ensure that every child in Nebraska has the support they need to reach their full potential. Join our network for updates! 

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