Holland Children's Institute Releases New Children's Budget Report

Holland Children's Institute has published Investing in Possibilities: The 2016 Nebraska Children's Budget, inspired by our beloved founder, Richard Holland. Holland Children's Institute, like the Movement, is rooted in his vision of a world where every child has every opportunity to reach their full potential. The 2016 Nebraska Children's Budget shows our progress as a state toward that goal. 

State investments in children's health and early learning can be found in the report as we dive into population data, program descriptions and state expenditures. Identifying trends tells us how we are doing as a state to prioritize ensuring children have every opportunity to succeed. The 2016 Nebraska Children's Budget focusses on:

  • State General Fund Spending 
  • Early Childhood Population 
  • Children's Health and Prenatal Care
  • Home Visitation 
  • Sixpence Early Learning Fund
  • Child Care Subsidy 
  • School District Pre-K
  • Step Up to Quality 

Visit the Institute's website for the full report. 

-John Cavanaugh 

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