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1. Nebraska State Senators should continue building access to quality early childhood care and education. 

The achievement gap is measurable and apparent as early as 18 months of age.(1) Two-thirds of Nebraskans agree/strongly agree that the state should make early childhood education a higher priority than it is today.(2) Business leaders, researchers, and educators overwhelmingly believe that increasing access to quality early childhood care and education is critical for Nebraska's long term success. 

2. The School Readiness Tax Credits should stay in place. 

Beginning this year, early childhood care and education programs and their workforce are eligible for new tax credits if they serve children through the Child Care Subsidy Program and are participating in Step Up to Quality. There is a proposal in the Nebraska Legislature this session to take away the tax credits for 2018 and 2019. Lawmakers should keep the credits in place.

3. The Child Care Subsidy program is critical for impacting intergenerational poverty. 

LB 335 was introduced on behalf of Governor Ricketts in an effort to exclude the most recent results of the child care market rate survey for at least the next 18 months. The bill was introduced as a cost savings measure for the state budget. The child care subsidy program should be funded at a level that doesn't jeopardize access to quality care for children in low-income families. 


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1. Loeb, S., & Bassok, D. (2007). Early childhood and the achievement gap. In H.F. Ladd & E.B. Fiske (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy (pp. 517-534). Routledge Press.

2. Buffett Early Childhood Institute/Gallup Survey on Early Childhood Care and Education. February 2017 

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