A message from Heath Mello, COO

By Heath Mello


 The future is what we make of it. 

It's this mindset that has guided me during my eight years in the Unicameral and throughout my entire life. 

While the present speaks volumes about where we've come as a state over the past decade, the future is where we should focus. Guided by an aspirational vision, we can make new possibilities a reality. New possibilities like paid family leave, better incomes, and affordable child care. 

It's this belief in the future and the possibilities it brings that will continue to guide me in my new role as Chief Operating Officer of the Holland Children's Institute and Movement. 

Over the past few months, we've set out on a path that seeks to change the research, policy, and advocacy landscape in Nebraska. 

As non-partisan, think tank and advocacy organizations, the Holland Children's Institute and the Holland Children's Movement are needed now more than ever to lead on engaging the public and our policymakers with new ideas and strategies to build and strengthen Nebraska's middle class and create equitable access to opportunity. 

We are working hard every day to ensure innovative research and approaches are being incubated to help bring about effective change. Nebraskans should expect new public opinion research from us and policy proposals on issues that matter to working families and children. Through collaboration, we are forming partnerships to facilitate important conversations, engage Nebraskans, and implement winning strategies. 

I'm confident that our ideas can unite Nebraskans around a future we all want to make. 

The "Holland vision" of making Nebraska the national beacon in economic security and opportunity for all children and families isn't just a statement about our organizations. The "Holland vision" should be an aspiration for all of us. An aspiration that guides not only research and advocacy work, but our dialogues, our relationships, our future. 

If the future is truly what we make of it, I hope you join us in making it better for all our children and families. 


Heath Mello was announced as the Chief Operating Officer of the Holland Children's Institute and Movement on September 26, 2017. Click here to read the full announcement.

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