2016 Legislative Scorecard

Today the Holland Children’s Movement released our first legislative scorecard detailing the results of the 104th Nebraska Legislature 1st and 2nd sessions.

 This scorecard evaluates legislative proposals we supported over the course of two legislative sessions and provides a percentage of support for Nebraska’s low-income children and working families.

 “It is refreshing to see that a majority of Nebraska State Senators strongly supported pro-active policies to address early childhood education, access to health care, and economic assistance for working families,” said John Cavanaugh, Chief Operating Officer of the Holland Children’s Movement. “While we saw significant progress the past two years, it’s clear more needs to be done to address intergenerational poverty in Nebraska, especially as it affects our children.”

 Highlighted legislation supported by the Holland Children’s Movement includes:

 ·         LB 81 – Changing eligibility for child care assistance for low-income parents

 ·         LB 889 – Creating new tax credits for quality, early childhood education programs

 ·         LB 1032 – Creating new transitional health insurance program for working adults

 “Having 21 Senators who scored 100% on the issues facing low-income children and families is a testament to ensuring that every child has the opportunities to reach their full potential from Omaha to Scottsbluff,” Cavanaugh said. “Like those Nebraskans who support common-sense solutions to address economic inequality, we fully intend to continue educating policymakers on how to continue to create more opportunities for our children.”

To view our Scorecard, click HERE

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