The Holland Children’s Movement will organize and motivate Nebraskans to take action on critical public policies impacting working families and their children.  Our focus will be to make the state of Nebraska a national leader in opportunities for all children.  We will support efforts to tackle the root causes of family poverty and assure that every child in Nebraska will have the support they need to reach their full potential.

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    Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission

    By Sarah Ann Kotchian This morning, I had the opportunity to attend the release of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute’s, Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Survey: A Focus on Providers and Teachers findings and panel discussion.The findings from the Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Survey affirm that the compensation of early childhood caregivers and teachers does not even come close to meeting their educational attainment, experience, and commitment to our youngest children.
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    Our Children are Listening

    A message from our COO, John Cavanaugh:   The tragedy and outrage of the white supremacy riots in Virginia over the weekend require every American to stand up and proclaim their opposition to the assertion of blatant race based hatred being proclaimed as a valid part of American heritage. 
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